Monday, April 18, 2011

Allah is Greater than ____ الله اگبر

*These Notes are based on the Meaningful Salah class taught by Sheikh Abdul Nasir Jangda*

الله [Allah] - Not derived from any root but a unique name of divinity.
اگبر [Akbar] - Great or Greatest.

الله اگبر - Put together, it means: Allah is Greater than ____?

The common misconception is that it means 'Allah is Great'.  But the actual meaning as given above leaves the listener with the obvious question, Allah is greater that What?  The simplistic answer to this would be, Allah is Greater than Everything.  But it also holds more meaning to every individual reciting it.  If your work is distracting you from the remembrance of Allah then for you Allah is Greater than your work at that moment.

For someone who has lost there job and emotion of hopelessness takes over, for them Allah is greater than their problem because who can ultimately help the helpless.  So this simple remembrance has a powerful individual aspect to it.

Particularly in Salah we become distracted by many things at different times, and everytime we hear the Imam say الله اگبر it is a reminder for us to return to focus and realize, what ever is distracting us, Allah is greater than it.